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    Stopthe noiseNV 3 months ago

    My name is Cheri Russo, and I live on Billow Drive in Sparks where my backyard is RIGHT NEXT TO the Monin facility.
    We have lived here since 2007, even BEFORE that plant was built. Peace and quiet was the norm back then, and that was what attracted us to the area and buy a house. We realized that our property would be adjacent to an industrial zone, but what we DID NOT realize that Monin had complete freedom to make loud, obnoxious noises at all hours of the day and night !! They are a 24/7 operation now, and the noise levels have only increased since they opened the manufacturing plant. We WERE told a warehouse could build there but not over 2 stories. The plant has all their operations behind our houses as they were not allowed to have it on the street side per the warehouse corporation.

    Ever since Monin was built, it has severely affected my quality of Life. Since I worked 12 hours at night, I would have to sleep during the day. The mental anguish of lack of quality sleep effected my ability to perform my job. Whether it is 6 in the morning or midnight, there is unbearable noise radiating into our bedroom. My personal/social network relationships have suffered as they haven’t wanted to socialize in our home/backyard since they built there.. We can’t even photograph or video our family in our backyard without their unbearable noise/lights in their operations and building.
    In conclusion, I am one of many in support of some strict noise ordinances and limiting industrial expansion. Nevada is a state that is HUGE enough where EVERYBODY can be out of each other’s way.

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    Priscilla Tarr 3 months ago

    My name is Priscilla Tarr. I would like to know why we don't have a streamlined process to file and address complaints filed by residents who have been affected by noise from warehouses that are near residential areas. During the Months of January to March I had to make numerous calls to code enforcement, who only came during the day and said it's under the allowable noise levels. Sorry, but when a loud sound blares through my house that I can hear over the tv and doesn't allow me to sleep at night. how is that allowable? Code enforcement also didn't come at night when the sound was loudest at night with no traffic to block the sound. I contacted several people from the county commissioners with no luck which ultimately led to me filling a disturbing the peace citation against the warehouse through the Washoe County Sheriff's office. The complaint is working its way through the Sparks Justice Court. I had to make and or post on Facebook and next door apps groups dedicated to stopping warehouse noise throughout Sparks. A petition that is growing signatures every day. Luckily the warehouse has worked on finding a solution to the noise. Other warehouses have not complied with other neighbors experiencing the same issues. Why are there not clear instructions on how to file a complaint? Why did I have to file a court complaint to get some results? Why is there not a significant distance between residential areas and warehouses/plants? Why are there no "night hours" especially those areas that are within 1 mile of a warehouse? Why do I have so many questions and no one can answer them? What exactly are you doing to help the residents of Sparks to address this issue that affects multiple neighborhoods across Sparks?

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    Katherine Yriarte 3 months ago

    My name is Katherine Yriarte and along with my husband, we own and operate Team Yriarte Horsemanship in North Red Rock. I want to reiterate the importance of equine businesses in Washoe County and the difficulty we are facing to operate legally. We have been state licensed since 2019 and our SUP was unanimously approved in Dec 2023. Despite this, we still do not have our county business license. We have spent thousands and thousands of dollars in an effort to comply, only to be told there is even more steps and money needed. We have been told we are required to install a permanent restroom with commercial septic on our private property in order to comply with health dept codes, despite having just 5 visitors per WEEK on an appointment only basis and already providing an ADA compliant portable restroom that is professionally serviced weekly. We were told months ago that there would be stakeholder meetings to discuss the codes as they apply to equine businesses and potential changes to that code, yet as of today there has been nothing. Absolutely zero communication. I implore this board to follow through in addressing the codes and equine businesses so that we may continue to provide services to the citizens of Washoe County and beyond. $177 billion. That’s the total value added in 2023 from the equine industry, up from $122 billion in 2017 according to findings of the highly-anticipated 2023 Equine Economic Impact Survey conducted by the American Horse Council. The equine industry’s ripple effect extends beyond the traditional sectors, influencing a broad spectrum of industries. The equine industry provides over 2.2 million jobs from agriculture and tourism to veterinary services and technology, the survey showcases the interconnectedness of the equine world with other economic realms. Nevada is a state rooted in equestrian and rural lifestyles and we even have a license plate proclaiming we are the "Rodeo State". Please help us continue that rich tradition by making Washoe County a place where equestrian professionals want to be. Thank You.